Saturday, 22 February 2020
السبت, ۲۷ جمادى الثانية ۱۴۴۱


About Us

RONYTECH (M) SDN. BHD. (RMSB) continuously conduct research with UNIPEM in UTM in order to improve the quality of our product and to formulate new cleaning chemical which is more cost effective base on our customer requirement, at high quality and also to improve our cleaning chemical.

To ensure that quality and safety of our cleaning chemical, most of our cleaning chemical has been analyses by UNIPEM (Unit Perkhidmatan Makmal, FKKSA, University Teknologi Malaysia.

Our mission is to provide cleaning chemical for industrial use and also for house hold at a competitive price with high quality.

Clean environment is our goal, so our priority is to make sure our cleaning chemical are environmental friendly and safe to use.

Short lead time is our strength and it is to ensure that there is no delay to your cleaning schedule. fast response from our technical is a must from us to help our customer during critical or emergency situation such as oil spill.